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When Children Explore Their Bodies Behind Closed Doors

First published on The Good Man Project on October 15, 2017

Photo by Brandon Morgan on Unsplash

When Children Explore Their Bodies Behind Closed Doors When young boys play 'butts and penises,' what are parents to think?  “They’re playing ‘Butts and Penises,’” my husband answered. My son and his friend had just disappeared upstairs into his bedroom, and I was wondering where they were. “Oh?” “Yeah. They want to take a look. I said it was fine.” I contemplated what that meant. It seemed innocent enough. “I’m going to check on them,” I said and strode upstairs. The door was locked. I also considered what that meant. Clearly they wanted privacy. I felt okay with that but also wanted to see what was going on. I knocked on the door. Casual, I told myself. Very casual. I announced my intentions. I just wanted to make sure everything was okay. They said it was. I think my son’s pants were down near his knees. “What are you two up to?” “Nothing.” I paused. Considered. “Oh,” I said, “I h…

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