Monday, December 8, 2014

Things that go bump during the day

The other day, my three year old and I were walking in the house when I heard the unmistakeable sounds of my housemate having sex with a lover.  In that moment, I became curious.  Would my son notice it?  And if he did, would he ask?  As we stepped into the living room, I loudly announced, Let's go into the kitchen!  I hoped I was loud enough, so my housemate could choose whether or not *she* wanted to continue to be loud.  (At the same time, I recognized she might not actually be keeping an ear out for such things. In that case, kudos to her for being so occupied.)

We stepped into the kitchen, but my son said nothing.  In fact, he was just so full of joy and light and bounce bounce bounce that I'm not sure anything could have distracted him from playing with his trains.  It did get me to think, though.  What if he had asked?  And in thinking about that, I decided I would tell him our housemate was having fun with a friend of hers and that fun was an adult fun.  Sometimes that fun included making lots of noise and sometimes it didn't.  It was something he would learn about when he was older. And I'd leave it at that. 

He said nothing.  I said nothing.  Another day went by.  Trains were played with.  Dinner was eaten.  And people certainly continued to have sex.  

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