Relationship Posts

A variety of articles I've come across that have significant value - in my opinion - when it comes to deciphering relationships.

Probably one of the best articles I've seen about challenges in a marriage. The Nine Most Overlooked Threats to a Marriage. Truly gets to the heart of the matter about connection, kids, change, etc.

Great article on two of the most basic and fundamental qualities to making a long-term relationship work and be good one. Science Says Lasting Relationships Come Down to 2 Basic Traits. It definitely gave me pause as to how my husband and I relate, how far we've come, and what work we have left to do.

I so appreciate/d this article "Sorry Folks, but Marriage is Work" by Mandy Brasher. So right on. I appreciate her clarity and inclusiveness when it comes to marriage and its realities. Sometimes I, too, wonder if I married the right person, and sometimes I'm just blissfully and seamlessly partnering with my husband.

A great article by Mark Manson called "Fuck Yes or No." He writes, "Think about this for a moment: Why would you ever choose to be with someone who is not excited to be with you?"  The article continues from there. Very provocative and timely.

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